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Mass eMailer is a professional software application whose purpose is to help you send bulk email messages to multiple recipients. The layout is intuitive enough to be configured without having to consult a help manual or watch online tutorials. The program gives you the possibility to create a list by retrieving data from Outlook, Outlook Express, or Windows Contacts, or importing the email addresses from CSV, TXT, or VCF files. What’s more, you can group contacts in different categories, create exclusion lists, and manually add a new contact to the list by providing details about the email address, title, name, business and home addresses, phone number, and others. The Message Editor lets you create a new email by specifying the subject, adding attachments, opting for a plaint text or HTML mode, and importing the text from HTML files. Additionally, you are allowed to customize the text in terms of font, size, color, and alignment, insert bulleted lists, upload pictures (e.g. JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG,) and embed links. Other notable characteristics worth mentioning are represented by the possibility to configure the SMTP parameters, limit the number of simultaneous connections, as well as specify the account name and password if the server requires authentification. Last but not least, you can pause or stop the process, and view details about the entire operation, such sent, failed, and excluded items. To sum things up, Mass eMailer proves to be a reliable program that comes packed with a handy set of parameters for helping you send bulk email messages. Thanks to its intuitive interface, it is suitable for all types of users, regardless of their experience level. Mass eMailer Screenshots: Mass eMailer Review: Mass eMailer is an application that allows you to create professional bulk email messages, thereby saving you a lot of time and effort. It is easy to use and highly customizable, so if you want to send several individual emails to a certain number of recipients, this is the tool for you. You can send emails using your Outlook, MSN, Windows 2000 or Windows XP accounts; the latter is the preferred method because that way you can integrate the program with your existing contacts and address books. If you choose to use the Outlook solution, you can either use the built-in contacts list or import the contacts from a CSV file. In case you wish to use a local address list, you can import contacts from TXT a5204a7ec7

Mass eMailer is a powerful Bulk Email software that creates emails automatically and makes your life so easy and smooth. It has multiple tabs for ease of use. You can create emails in three modes, using plain text, html or combined. It has an unique feature of sending the email to multiple recipients at once. So, it can be called a bulk emailer. You can customize your emails as per your requirements. The bulk mailer is a small application which does not need any other software to run. You can easily download and install Mass eMailer on your system. Mass eMailer is compatible with most email service providers. Mass eMailer Main Features: Create Email Content from Files You can create a multi-part email from multiple files. Mass eMailer will combine all the parts and create the email. Crowd Mass eMailer is designed to generate and send bulk email messages. It is also a great help for sending out promotional messages. It has a full set of features such as automatic email creation, multiple recipients, various email templates and HTML versions. Create HTML Email You can create HTML email for mailing, sharing or previewing with your other users. You can use two styles of html to send. These two styles are bulleted and numbered styles. The bulleted style includes things as bullet lists, tables, images and all kind of cool design patterns. The numbered style is for creating ordered lists. Create HTML Email With Image You can attach images to your email. You can show the pictures in different pages of your email. For attaching images, Mass emailer is compatible with almost all the web page types. Send Email In Large Numbers You can send massive number of email at once. The number of recipients, email content and size of email are not limited. This kind of feature creates a new trend in emailing. You can create email in your own way. Highlight You can highlight any word or phrase and send that to your recipients. Import Contact Information From Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Contacts or CSV Files You can import email address and other information from Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Contacts or CSV files. Create Confidential Emails You can create a secure email. A secure email is only available to the recipient after sending an approval link. People who don’t have an account cannot view the email after sending the email. Send Email as a Attachment You can add attachments. Att

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